Blog Envy

Envy seems to have been a recurring theme in my life lately. I'm not sure that it's all focused centrally from me envious of others (friends, acquaintances, complete effing strangers), but there is definitely a lot of jealousy in my life lately.

So what am I jealous of? Let's make a list and be all sorts of petty.

Things TheWiredMonkey is jealous of (and probably should just get over) in everyday life:
1. (with a big CAPITAL effing bullet) people who have love in their life every day.
2. People with jobs that allow them to skate around the city all day as they wish, popping into the office when it's convenient.
3. People who have money to be "cool" and "hip" and pretty much do what they'd like at all the great restaurants and clubs in town.
4. People who have gone to college and found the job they've pursued in the following 3-5 years (The ones who get it in the first couple years I'm not jealous of - I just hate their asses).
5. People who have figured out what they want out of life in their first 30 years. Cause, well......f*ck.

I'll leave it at that, lest I pursue some tangential, Tourret's disease-inspired rant that alienates friends and random blog stumblers alike from reading future posts. Well, I guess I'm not leaving it entirely alone, because there is the hidden point #6, which is the subject of this posting - Blog Envy.

Sorta like penis envy, in a way, I suppose. Though, I have never had experience with that...not that...well hell...how did I open this can of worms? Let's just move on, shall we? My point, shuffled aside and rosey-cheek inducing as it was, is that many blogs are more desirable and enjoyable than others. I find myself in awe of other people's blogs on a regular basis. I'm relatively new to the community, and I've had VERY sketchy success at regular posts. Part of it is laziness, I'm sure, but part of it is just lack of inspiration. I've found so many amazing blogs out on the web...from folks who are able to post pictures, video, interactive texts and inspire comments sections that border on forum-like discussion. It's incredible. I would love to enjoy that sort of success on the web - have the sort of life that others want to read about and talk about with friends. And if one DOES have that kind of life, really.....seriously...how do you find the time to write about it? It seems to be a veritable "catch-22", to me. But, still, I feel the envy....


Underprepared, but Alright and Hopeful...

Trying to keep up with the blog while actually holding down a job is, I've decided, not as easy as when I didn't have to worry about the whole job thing. Don't misread that, gentle readers! I'm QUITE glad to be gainfully employed once again. Though, I'm not sure exactly how gainful it is. I had a discussion with the office manager today about my future at the company. They're able to bump my woefully inadequate pay by $1 an hour when/if I start full-time with them, but she said they had to fight for that. I was expecting at *least* a $3-4 bump, and was hoping to argue for $5 or more. So, this has come as quite a disappointment. Especially since I am quite smitten with my job. It's a fun atmosphere to work in and the people I work with are a lot of fun. I fit right in, cause they're all a little off-kilter and entertaining as well. I guess I'm taking liberties with my self-view there, but hey...I think I'm an alright guy, to steal a line from Todd Snider.

I'm kind of hoping life returns to the fantastic October form it was holding last year in the near future. That was a time when I got to see my girlfriend at least once a week for a few hours and was making a decent income, living in a place of my own. The Girlfriend will soon be freed up again to visit once a week (hopefully) and I'll be elated to spend more time with her again. It's bleak out there, and I've found a nifty chick - don't make me go back out in the cold and dark. *whimper*

I need to figure out how to do all the cool web-blog type stuff my code-savvy friends can do. I don't think I blog enough to deserve an RSS feed or anything....but then again, I'm not completely sure what that entails anyhow....so maybe I should have exactly that. *shrug* Delightfully underprepared, am I, when it comes to conversations about HTML and the like. But, I definitely want to get the picture thing figured out at the very least.


A depressing lack of boobies....

It's Mardi Gras time once again, and apparently I'll be stuck watching cam feeds. That is the way it goes though, I suppose. Being a single guy has it's benefits and a decidedly pronounced amount of drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is the Spousal Breast-al Rights. Now, yeah, yeah - before some of you get all in arms about a male claiming rights to a female's breasts...gimme a break. I'm not sayin' they're mine...just saying that as a husband, a guy gets certain viewing rights that just don't come along with anywhere NEAR the frequency they do when you are married. And, yeah, men probably are too hung up on breasts. But, hey...we don't have them. And they're really nice. You can play with them and stuff...it's fun! Not to mention the nippular enjoyment to be had. But, I'm stuck with my Massively Fabulous Man Knockers (TM) and that will have to do. UNLESS, while out at one of the local adult beverage distribution facilities here in Dallas, TX, I happen upon bead-seeking women with the disposition for exhibition. One can only hope.

So, aside from that, life is good. The Wired Monkey has been blessed with a job. Jobby job. w00+. I started work again today, and though the pay isn't desirable, it beats the living hell out of sitting on my ass all day calling around to places and surfing for jobs...even beats getting out and wasting gas driving from place to place in person to be told that no one is hiring.

I love being a techno geek too - I've decided this as a certainty at this point. I might get rolls of the eyes here and there (even from friends - you know who you are!), but there's something to be said for wi-fi technology. I'm at Humperdink's as we speak, and am able to chat, surf and muse upon life without having to get up for beer....it's so graciously brought to me by my waitress and leaves me free to rock out to the music and drink up. Oh, and think about the booby-less state of my existence.


Less is more?

I heard from one of my employment agencies on Friday night - telling me that the job I had interviewed for last week, and held out a good deal of hope for after a promising interview, had been given to another person from another agency. Apparently it had come down to the two of us and our agencies, and OfficeTeam and I ended up on the short end of the stick. So, I'm back at the start - though still in with a few good agencies. Monday I got in with 3 more agencies; I'm hopeful that it will end this unemployment streak I'm going through...

Aside from that, things are quite good. I love being back in Dallas and I think I had to leave to truly appreciate how much I love it here. Through tired eyes, I bid this blog anon again...will try and update you with other new items in life at that point.