I'm here!

Things are good. I'm alive. I felt a post was needed as it's been nearly a month since I've posted. This past month has been particularly active though. LampLover and I are looking at co-habitation. We have our eye on a nice place in a neighborhood I'm very familiar with, having rented a house in that area once before. It's a great neighborhood - nice neighbors (mostly older and retired or young couples in starter houses), an area that's active with people walking and riding bikes, and a library, nearby parks and that sort of thing for recreation. LL is a bit nervous about things, as am I to a lesser degree, but I think that will abate once we're in and comfortable. The biggest nerve-wracking thing is telling her parents and grandmother, who is in town visiting. They are from a different school of belief, and don't believe a couple should live together before being married. I respect that view, as does LL, but neither of us abide by it. Besides, after a year together, it's not as though we are viewing this as just a convenience. We're looking long-term, and I'd like to make that a bit more formal, but have to come up with certain jewelry first...and I'd like it to be a bit of a surprise. Which is hard to do, no matter if you're living with someone or not. So, at least we'll be together.

The other significant occurance, as you may have picked up from the last paragraph, is that LL and I celebrated our anniversary. No monthiversary there - we've been together for more than a year now. It hardly seems it sometimes, time has flown so fast. But, other times, it feels like so much more...like we've known one another forever. I think that's how it is when you find your soul's match...you can't remember a time when they weren't part of your life, because you're at your happiest when they're a part of it. Blah, blah, sappy monkey. I know. So sue me.

*munches a banana*

Oh yeah - another story I did for McKinneySports.net. W00t!