Please...Don't Vote. Ok, Well, Maybe You Should....

What a great video this is...as long as people in this country still understand sarcasm. I think they do...I *hope* they do. I've made lots of assumptions over the past few months about the American populace, and they haven't turned out to be as accurate as I hoped (check how close the race still is...), but I guess we'll see.

So - the video asks for you to pass it along...and I request the same. Post it online if you have a place to post it, or just send a link to my blog or to YouTube so people can view it. To be honest, regardless of your stance in this political fiasco, you should be registered to vote, and you should VOTE. November 4th is fast approaching, and I would love to see this country shatter records for voter turnout. The only way it will happen is if we all go out and vote. So, register. Read...inform yourself...learn...share. Then vote.