Illness and the Impending Mall Trip

I've been sick for over a week now, thanks to a particularly tenacious little flu bug that is making the rounds here in Texas. At first I thought it might be allergy related, since the weather was still warm and I didn't seem to have any flu-like symptoms aside from the runny nose and sore throat. But, much like the warm weather, that theory is just a memory. I've had body aches, fevers and chills along with the continuation of the aforementioned sore throat and it's new buddy, a deep chest cough. Ugh. The worst part of it is, I've been so busy with a very important video conference at work, that I can't take time off to rest and heal properly. I have upped the amount of fluids I've been taking in and have tried to make sure I'm getting more rest than normal, and I think that has helped. But damn - I can't wait to have this flu pass. Maybe I should look at the bright side: that I've dealt with this strain of the flu, and hopefully won't have another for the rest of the winter. Well, I can hope not at least.

Christmas is coming quickly this year - I haven't had the time (or money for that matter) to do all the shopping I'd like to do. I've picked up a couple of presents already, but still much shopping has to be done, and apparently most of it will be done with a couple of days to go before Christmas. For, as much as I'd like to get the shopping done early, the bills won't wait due to the holidays. Grrr. Ah well - it will keep the tradition of this year's 17th annual December 23rd Mall Blowing very much alive. Perhaps this year it will catch on even further! It's easy to do folks. You need to get as many people together as you can, go to a mall on one of the busiest days of the year and do your last minute shopping. One key thing you must buy, however, is something for yourself. Because, the 23rd tradition is a rather selfish one. In addition to the shopping, you must go out for lunch with your group of friends, and also take in a movie. It can be done as a rental, but going to the theatre really makes the tradition much more fun. Leave comments if you plan to do it - I'd love to hear if there are others celebrating my group's little self-determined holiday.