So apparently I'm a louse at writing. In an ironic twist of events, the writer is horrible at keeping up his blog. When was the last post?? November. Ugh. I disgust myself sometimes.

Well anyway...let's see...life has gone down the crapper in oh so many ways. I could spend some time depressing you with the turn of events, but it's not like I'm necessarily the hapless victim in them, so I'll skip it and save myself the embarassment. Mainly, I'm focusing on positives these days. I've always done that, really, so it's not like a new turn of events. I'm a pretty positive person and I try to spread the joy when I can. So....onward and upward.

"38 Ways I Think About Weasles," said Patrick on The Screen Savers. Wow. What a fantastic quote. He says that if I receive an email with a subject line that says this, I should think twice about opening it. That's tough. If my friend Matthew or Amanda sent me an email with that subject line, I can almost guarantee that email would be open in less than 2 seconds. How cool. I can only come up with 3 ways I think about weasles.

I'm keeping them to myself.

I will be back before June. I promise.