Oh Yeah - I'm Not Here Anymore

I can't believe I forgot to post that on here...though I think anyone reading this knows about the new blog. I've been equally reticent about posting there, so there's no favoritism. Here is the link to One Cool Monkey (http://www.onecoolmonkey.com) See you there!


Change is Coming

"A new dawn of American leadership is at hand..."

Barack Obama was elected as the 44th president of the United States of America last night. He is also our first president of African-American descent.

I don't know that I can properly express the optimism and happiness I feel that my fellow Americans still have faith in our government, and still have hope that our ship can be righted and our problems at home and abroad addressed in a rational and responsible manner.

Until I can more properly express some of those thoughts, I wanted to leave you, my constant readers, with a couple of videos from Mr. Obama. The first is the "Yes We Can" video that made it's rounds back in early '08, urging voters to get out and vote at the primary and caucus level. But, it's message is every bit as topical now as it was then. The chants from the crowd at his victory speech last night went "Yes We Did", but that's really not true. One step has been made, but there is SO much more to do. Mr. Obama never said those words himself, and I believe the reason is that he agrees - there's a lot more to do.

The next set of videos are his acceptance speech from last night. The speech had to be broken up into 3 parts, but it's really not that long (a little over 20 minutes all totaled). If you haven't heard it yet, I highly recommend giving them a listen, regardless of your political leaning or party affiliation. As my friend Bill at Trusty Plinko Stick said so well, "I forgot what it's like to have a president who's a true orator. That man can *speak*." Well said, and so very true. His acceptance speech is proof positive of that.

Yes We Can:

Victory Speech Part 1:

Victory Speech Part 2:

Victory Speech Part 3:


Please...Don't Vote. Ok, Well, Maybe You Should....

What a great video this is...as long as people in this country still understand sarcasm. I think they do...I *hope* they do. I've made lots of assumptions over the past few months about the American populace, and they haven't turned out to be as accurate as I hoped (check how close the race still is...), but I guess we'll see.

So - the video asks for you to pass it along...and I request the same. Post it online if you have a place to post it, or just send a link to my blog or to YouTube so people can view it. To be honest, regardless of your stance in this political fiasco, you should be registered to vote, and you should VOTE. November 4th is fast approaching, and I would love to see this country shatter records for voter turnout. The only way it will happen is if we all go out and vote. So, register. Read...inform yourself...learn...share. Then vote.


Catching You Up

I know, I said I would post again last night. It's sort of true...I just didn't do it here. Damn, what a great segue that was...

So, I have this pending gig as a blogger for a Dallas pro sports blog aptly named DallasProSports.com. They needed a piece on the Dallas Stars, who they want me to cover each week, by Monday night. Well...we had some family stuff come up and I didn't get to it. But, last night, between helping my wife study for a big test she has today and trying to get some food in my stomach, I managed to scrawl out 7 paragraphs on the upcoming training camp the Stars are set to open, and that is the post I sent. I'm hoping it won't be held against me, and they'll let me keep posting for them, cause it sounds like a lot of fun. As of the time of writing this post, however, it was not posted. Maybe later tonight?

Now, other than that, I figured I would catch you up on what life has been like. Mrs. Monkey and I have finally come up with a plan for getting up with the Monkeyling that doesn't involve us wanting to kill one another every morning. It's revolutionary in it's scope - get this.... We alternate days. I know! I know! Don't spread the idea too much - we're planning on patenting it. So, yeah...we each get to sleep in (8:00 AM) every other day. It's wonderful.

I'm still working a lot of hours for my wonderful company and Mrs. Monkey is still going to school lots of hours. Those hours not taken up by work & school are ravenously consumed by the Monkeyling. But that's a good thing - just peek at the photos that have been posted. How can ya not love that face?

AND, on a random tangent that has nothing to do with previous subjects, there was this new study released by the Journal of the American Medical Association saying that bisphenol A (BPA), a common ingredient in many plastic bottles, might be linked to more health issues than previously believed. I first found out about this issue when trying to find bottles for the Monkeyling. Mrs. Monkey was adamant on the "No BPA" rule, and after studying up, I agreed. For those who don't know, BPA is used in hardened plastics in a wide range of consumer goods including food containers, baby bottles, water bottles, eyeglass lenses and compact discs. Many scientists believe it can act like the hormone estrogen, and animal studies have linked it with breast, prostate and reproductive system problems and some cancers. Fun stuff! Well, the new study that came out has shown there may be a link now with heart disease and diabetes in adults. It's really not good. So, avoid bottles with BPA (or with the recycle number 7 on them, as they are most commonly found in those). Or, you can do what I did yesterday, and pick up a Sigg bottle. These things rock. I want another one already.


More Photo Entry Fun

The Greeblepix contest for this month is up, and I've once again to submit a picture of the cutest little boy in the world (this determination is an independent conclusion, with no influence from any biased parties). How can you NOT think he's just adorable, ya know? Anyway - real post coming later today. I'm such a slacker...


My Little Monkey

My friend Aimee over at GreebleMonkey is running a photo contest, and the above is my entry. It's one of my favorite shots of my little guy from this summer. Go check out all of the fun entries here.


A Thing a Year - Part the Third

24. The human metabolic system is a finicky, annoying thing to deal with through the course of a lifetime. But, essential to life and all that crap.

25. Sometimes, I need to be reminded just how good I have it, and what a great number of blessings I have in my life. This also goes for most people I know.

26. Walking on a cold, snowy evening, where the blanket of snow falling is so thick that just about the only thing you hear is the snow crunching and squeaking underneath your feet: One of the best ways to sort through your thoughts.

27. Doing a job that you love has a way to make a work-week feel not at all like one.

28. It's easy to say that you wish thing thing or that thing hadn't happened in your life, or the life of a loved one. But, it should always be remembered that we are who we are because of the road we've traveled.

29. Everyone should write, even if they're not a writer and no one will ever read it. You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself through the process of writing.

30. Tattoos are a wonderful thing, but should be considered long and hard before acquiring them. 5 years was just about right for me.

31. You can't have enough pictures of your child or pets.

32. Getting back in shape at 24 was a much easier thing to do than at 34. "They" weren't kidding.

33. It's always good to take every opportunity to tell a loved one that you love them. Always.

34. A rudimentary education will take about 13 years and last you from Kindergarten through secondary school. A good education will encompass some years at a university as well. A *great* education is the one that seeks no end, and allows you to soak up new knowledge from every aspect of your life.