Vacation Recap

I am back from vacation today. Mrs. Monkey, the Little Monkey and I all went to Florida to visit my mom and her husband. As we were in the state, my Dad and stepmom drove up from the Keys where they live, and we all got to visit. It was a really great vacation in the sense that we got to visit with lots of family I don't see too often. And Cole loved the water available to him in Florida - pools, ocean...he was in heaven. But, someone needs to teach that boy that when you're on vacation, you don't NEED to get up at 6:30 AM. Ugh. I got up earlier on vacation than I do when I'm home and working. Oh well.

Whilst in Florida, I managed to infect my finger. Not sure how it happened, and the urgent care staff who tended to me didn't seem to have any guesses to hazard either, so it remains a mystery. I would post the picture, but the last person I shared it with went running from the hills and hasn't been heard from since. If you really want to see, let me know, but we'll just leave it categorized as "gross". It has since recovered quite well, thanks to antibiotics and pain relief, so I should be back to normal before long.

...well, as normal as I get.