Where's My Time Machine??

As I have been detailing (modestly and scantily) on this very blog, I have been growing my music collection on my Mac Mini (also known as Fred). Fred got a buddy last spring in the form of a 300 GB firewire drive, and some friends and I got together, shared our music collections, and promptly stuffed the firewire buddy to his gills. I do not exaggerate - I believe there was just over a gig of free space left when trading was finished.

Anyway, I have been transferring and consolidating music files...getting rid of duplicates, etc., etc. When I'm finished, I should still have nearly 200 GB in music, but there will be some space on the firewire drive to build a partition for back-up purposes. Then I can make sure I keep all of my music, photos, and other such important things. Just in time for Time Machine to come around on Leopard and make all of this tie together oh so nicely. Stay with me here...

So, this evening, I was wrapping up some of my "drive cleaning", and getting ready to outfit Fred with Leopard. I move over my pictures and document folders to back those up, and decide to give the disk a bit of a check with the Disk Utility feature on the install disk - make sure it's working okay and ready to handle the new OS. Here, we begin the fun...

First, as I'm verifying the disk, the utility starts spewing error after error at me - problems with several HP Laserjet printer descriptions or something to that effect. Kind of odd, since I don't use an HP Laserjet, and I'm not sure Fred has ever printed to an HP Laserjet. I'm sure it's some of the default descriptions they have on file so that Fred can be a Plug & Play wiz, but it's a pain that they've gone corrupt or whatever.

So, it goes through several thousand of those errors, and then locks up. Big Fat Beachball o' Death. Ugh. Not much to do at this point but to give him a restart and go in to run it again. This time, I get in there, and Disk Utility won't verify the disk. It starts and stops about 30 seconds in. Hrmmm....

Well, let's go back to OS 10.4.10, I say to myself. Let's REALLY make sure everything is backed up, and bring out the heavy diagnostic tools.... Ha, ha, ha. Of course not! Fred won't have it. Right during startup, Fred just shuts off. Going back in to the Leopard startup disk, the new installer won't even see the hard drive. It requires that I completely erase and re-format the disk before it will do any sort of verifying or installing.

Well. I could spend the lengthy (and probably costly) process of reclaiming the data through various outlets - there are options to get stuff off of dead/damaged disks. But, I really don't want to deal with all of that. And, aside from an iTunes Library file and some bookmarks in my Safari folder, I have complete backups of everything.

Things definitely could be worse. I could have NOT backed up my pictures and document folders before going in to Disk Utility. I have gone in there without doing so before. And, I could have no backup system in place, and be in a real pickle about what to do to recover my precious stuff. Really, what I'm left with is the realization of what a great advertisement this is for the new backup feature I'm trying to install on Leopard....almost makes you wonder if there is some conspiracy in place....to truly show you just how badly you need the product you are installing. Building consumer confidence through annoyance and data destruction! W00t!


Red Sox, Patriots and Leopards...Oh My!

It's been great to be a New England sports fan lately. The Boston Red Sox clinched their 7th World Series title last night after sweeping the Colorado Rockies. And, the New England Patriots have run their record to 8-0 after shellacking the Washington Redskins 52-7 this weekend. The sports pages are ablaze with disgruntled fans and offended, PC-geared, commentators who say the Patriots are "running up the score" on their opponents. Yeah, they are. Scoring records were made to be broken. Why SHOULDN'T the Patriots try to beat the other teams as much as possible. And to the Patriot opponents who have complained about the scoring, here's a tip: If you don't like it - stop them. It's that easy (or maybe it isn't, and that's why you're so upset).

Okay, so that's what's going on in the sports world, right now. At least, in my sports world. I'm working my butt off at my new job, trying to figure out PC mysteries and do my best to keep up with the Mac work we have had. Apple released OS 10.5, nicknamed Leopard, on Friday, and I've been doing my best to learn all the features. I haven't installed it on my Mac Mini, but I do have it up and running on my (work's) MacBook Pro, and it's been doing great on there. I like a lot of the features it offers, and it makes finding information on your computer pretty easy. I think once I have more things on this laptop, it will be a real time saver. Until then, it just kinda looks pretty.


Interweb Nets Rule!!

I came across a great blog today, whilst sitting back with a nice cold one, and smiled to myself once again about what a cool age of technology we get to enjoy.

I've got an extension on my iTunes called iLike, and while you're listening to songs in your library, it tells you about other "related artists" you own, and allows you to build a quick instant playlist with similar artists (which is great for a quick "on-the-go" playlist for your iPod). It also tells you about related artists you may want to get (and gives you links to learn more about them, and then a section from similar up and coming artists who can post their free mp3s for download).

But, what I like best is that it gives you 8 profiles for other iLike people who are listeners to the artist you are currently listening to. Well, during one of those songs, I was clicking on a few of the profiles, and I came across this woman who matched me pretty evenly music-wise, and on her profile, she had a link to her blog. I then found the blog I mentioned above.

A long story, I suppose, for a brief moment of epiphonic enjoyment (okay, I totally made that up, but the alliteration - or in this case illiteration - was worth it). Regardless, I now have a new blog to enjoy and a smile on my face.



Bonjour, tout le monde...

I hope everyone has been doing well while I haven't checked in lately. Things have been tumultuous in the Monkey household lately. There are a few who have heard, and some who haven't...but for those who haven't, I'll let you in. I lost my job a couple of weeks ago, and have been in heavy-duty job search mode since. It really couldn't have come at a more inopportune time, but come it did. So, I had to suck it up and find some work right away. I was very fortunate, and had a few opportunities present themselves right away. I only heard back from a couple of those, but one of the jobs I heard back from was for a job working with Mac computers again. I had a job several years back that I really loved, and one of the reasons I really loved it was that it was a great learning opportunity. This job offered a return to that industry and a position with even more responsibility. I accepted their offer today and should begin work with them later this week.

One of the other great bonuses to this job - less than 5 minutes from my house. I could very literally ride my bike to work if I so chose. I may do that a few times this fall when the weather gets to be accommodating enough.

At home, things are going quite well. I used to refer to my wife as LampLover on here...long story, but those who read her blog knew the story...but since she hasn't updated her blog in over a year and a half, I think I'll just refer to her as Mrs. Monkey. Plus, I get to call her a monkey. *snicker* Hey, it's only fair....

If you haven't seen the pictures of my adorable little son, click HERE without hesitation. I need to get some more pictures to my father-in-law so he can update the site with some more recent pictures. But, the little baby monkey is growing like crazy, and making this house a very happy home. A tired and cranky home sometimes, but a very happy one indeed.

And now....random monkey. And monkeys making out.

You know what you did,