The New Toy

Not to overshadow the other post - I'm keeping this one short and sweet. This is my new toy. Only discovered down-side to new toy so far: Inability to post to Blogger. I've been trying to post for the last week or so, and so far it comes to the site, lets me create a post, but then won't update. Doesn't like Safari or Firefox. *sigh* Oh well - everything else on it rules. We've decided to name it Fred, in the grand traditions of great Freds everywhere.

WiredMonkey + LampLover = MonkeyLover?

I've been trying to post this forever, but apparently have been having issues - more on that in a future posting.

Since I'm not so good with the phones, and have a few friends who won't hear about this if I don't pick up one of those silly little things...I have a bit of big news.

I asked Her to marry me, and she said "yes".

How much does THAT rock? Answer = more than the usual amount.

Happy monkey here...finally able to post the good news. Celebration will ensue - will update with times and dates. Right now it looks like the ceremony itself will be in either January or April of next year. Hopefully lots of friends and family can make it...it will be a party to remember. No word yet if Shiner will be the official sponsor. We'll have to see what we can do...