Oh yeah...working on photo posting capability on here. Last time I posted a test on here, I was unable to view my blog for a couple hours though, so I took it down. Will try again shortly - it's using some really cool photo software Google bought and is running that reminds me a lot of iPhoto by Apple - it's called Picasa. Neat stuff. More to follow...

Monkey in da howwwwww-se

I've finally gotten into my own place...well, sort of. I have a roomie this go-around. I shall call him Da Cheat or The Chort from here on out. So, now you know. Anyhoo - Da Cheat is an excellent roommate. He comes with lots of computer equipment and drinks coffee and Shiner. These are all preferred qualities for someone with whom I share space. I'm still living mostly out of boxes, and have much of my stuff in storage, but that problem will hopefully be resolved by the end of next week. Then....sweet cuppin' cakes! I'll be rockin' the hizzy with my phat beats. Er sumthin.


So, my girlfriend (or as she will be referred to for the time being, Lamp Lover) and I are doing quite well. She's making the rounds of meeting friends still - this last Monday we had a sizeable gathering at The Saucer, and she met a few people she had heard me make reference to, but had yet to meet. We got together for inexpensive beer and dominoes. What a great combination. There has been a trial run at what is being called "beercasting" while we were there. I'm not sure how successfully it was carried out, but from all reports coming from Canada, it was good.

...and in the news....

Apparently, there are 7 men in Florida who are getting their lawsuit on. These men, who are of middle-eastern descent, claim that while patronizing a Denny's in the area, they were called "bin Ladens" and then, after having waited for service for an hour, were asked to leave. When they protested, two local police officers told them to leave or they would be arrested. They are now suing for 4 million dollars each. Let me repeat that. Four. Million. Dollars..... Each. I believe racist/prejudicial behavior should not be tolerated....but $4 mil?? EACH?? I'm not against people being litigious when they have a legitimate reason, and I even believe that this case is warranted. If this Denny's manager said these things to these folks, and they were denied service because of their race, then Denny's deserves to be the focus of a lawsuit. But 4 million dollars in damages is ridiculously excessive. Just IMHO....

...now, back to your regularly-scheduled surfing.


Happiness is:

Saved from the unemployment line at the last second...

I was worried that Monday would come and I would have no new job to which I would need to report. But, thankfully, OfficeTeam saved me from that fate. I received a call on Wednesday telling me they had lined up an interview for me on Thursday, and I would need to show up there and sell myself for the job. As a bonus, I loved the pay they were offering, so it was a great situation. The company I interviewed with was located right off the Tollway in Addison/North Dallas, which is a great area of town. I loved the environment, and after seeing the offices and meeting my "potential boss", I was comfortable with the fit. He explained what the company did - basically they sell office space and services to businessfolk-on-the-go. It's for the type of person who works out of their car/house, but needs to have professional meetings from time to time and wants someone to help answer their calls and assist with basic office duties. My job would be to work in customer service, answering questions that come in about the business, and also helping to arrange visits, tours, etc.

So, I was to hear about the job either last night or today. I was stressed out, though, when by lunch I still hadn't heard anything. I didn't like the potential situation of being without a job once again come Monday morning. A well-placed phone call shortly after lunch put my mind at ease, as they told me I was one of the candidates they selected. And, as a bonus, they are paying an additional dollar an hour over their already fair wages. This is one happy monkey.

But, the good news didn't stop there. My girlfriend has also been in the running for a new job, and has been waiting for two weeks to hear back from a potential new employer with whom she had an interview. The phone rang for her this afternoon from that company, and she was given a brand-spanking new job as well.

And, (oh yes), there's the fact that things are going sooooo extremely well with her and I as well. There's an energy and connection there that I've never really experienced. It's a little scary as well as thrilling. I'm definitely enjoying it, though, and loving every minute I spend with her...which seems to be most that I'm free.

Add all this to my impending trip to Arlington tonight for an Elvis T. Busboy show, and this becomes very clear: Things are very good right now in the WiredMonkey's World.



I'm alive. I haven't had a chance to update the blog for a week and a half now for various reasons. Some have to do with the whole "being smitten" scenario...I've been spending as much time with my girlfriend as possible lately, but I can't blame it all on that. I had all weekend while she was out of town visiting family to update the blog. Mostly, it's just been that I haven't been on the computer as much lately. That can be a good thing.

T-minus 3 days until I am finished with the Claridge work assignment. I'm a bit sad about that because it's been an enjoyable job. It didn't pay well, as I have mentioned before, but it was a good job. I'm still chasing after OfficeTeam to place me without interruption - we'll see how that goes.

Other than that, I have nothing. Oh - here is where I've been hanging out lately: Dunn Bros. Coffee. Great little coffehouse.


Oh Smit!

Like a stealth 18-wheeler loaded down with concrete pylons, traveling down a mountain side in rainy weather finds that unsuspecting squirrel in the middle of the road, infatuation has found me.

I think it may go beyond infatuation, really. The object of my affections has given me her sweet company most of the week. We missed seeing one another on Wednesday, but there was hemming and hawing about that as well. I was not prepared, my friends. Wholely caught off-guard. Or should that be Holy Caught Off Guard....Batman! Er. nevermind.

I'm reluctant to give details at this point...partly because I haven't spoken with her about writing about her in my blog (no, I don't have to, but I feel it's the considerate thing to do), and partly because I don't want to jinx things, honestly. All week I've just been reveling in my happiness. It's been a while since I've been this happy, honestly. I'm looking forward to it setting new trends....