Happiness is:

Saved from the unemployment line at the last second...

I was worried that Monday would come and I would have no new job to which I would need to report. But, thankfully, OfficeTeam saved me from that fate. I received a call on Wednesday telling me they had lined up an interview for me on Thursday, and I would need to show up there and sell myself for the job. As a bonus, I loved the pay they were offering, so it was a great situation. The company I interviewed with was located right off the Tollway in Addison/North Dallas, which is a great area of town. I loved the environment, and after seeing the offices and meeting my "potential boss", I was comfortable with the fit. He explained what the company did - basically they sell office space and services to businessfolk-on-the-go. It's for the type of person who works out of their car/house, but needs to have professional meetings from time to time and wants someone to help answer their calls and assist with basic office duties. My job would be to work in customer service, answering questions that come in about the business, and also helping to arrange visits, tours, etc.

So, I was to hear about the job either last night or today. I was stressed out, though, when by lunch I still hadn't heard anything. I didn't like the potential situation of being without a job once again come Monday morning. A well-placed phone call shortly after lunch put my mind at ease, as they told me I was one of the candidates they selected. And, as a bonus, they are paying an additional dollar an hour over their already fair wages. This is one happy monkey.

But, the good news didn't stop there. My girlfriend has also been in the running for a new job, and has been waiting for two weeks to hear back from a potential new employer with whom she had an interview. The phone rang for her this afternoon from that company, and she was given a brand-spanking new job as well.

And, (oh yes), there's the fact that things are going sooooo extremely well with her and I as well. There's an energy and connection there that I've never really experienced. It's a little scary as well as thrilling. I'm definitely enjoying it, though, and loving every minute I spend with her...which seems to be most that I'm free.

Add all this to my impending trip to Arlington tonight for an Elvis T. Busboy show, and this becomes very clear: Things are very good right now in the WiredMonkey's World.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so totally glad for all the concurrent goodness in your life. And this job will pay better? So cool--I truly hope that they live up to the initial impression you received. It sounds like a unique sort of business, but it could turn out to be a great job. :D


WiredMonkey said...

Yes, the job pays much better...and it's cool so far. Lots of training (sitting in conference rooms staring at a projection screen) so far, but we should be doing more hands-on type things by the middle to end of this week. Yay!