Interweb Nets Rule!!

I came across a great blog today, whilst sitting back with a nice cold one, and smiled to myself once again about what a cool age of technology we get to enjoy.

I've got an extension on my iTunes called iLike, and while you're listening to songs in your library, it tells you about other "related artists" you own, and allows you to build a quick instant playlist with similar artists (which is great for a quick "on-the-go" playlist for your iPod). It also tells you about related artists you may want to get (and gives you links to learn more about them, and then a section from similar up and coming artists who can post their free mp3s for download).

But, what I like best is that it gives you 8 profiles for other iLike people who are listeners to the artist you are currently listening to. Well, during one of those songs, I was clicking on a few of the profiles, and I came across this woman who matched me pretty evenly music-wise, and on her profile, she had a link to her blog. I then found the blog I mentioned above.

A long story, I suppose, for a brief moment of epiphonic enjoyment (okay, I totally made that up, but the alliteration - or in this case illiteration - was worth it). Regardless, I now have a new blog to enjoy and a smile on my face.

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Anonymous said...

the way your arm is in that NoBloPoMo picture... and the smirk on your face... and the convenient framing of the image... it looks like you're playing mortal combat.
I would sign this but you SO know who it is. No one else could BEAR to point it out. :)