A Thing a Year - Part the Third

24. The human metabolic system is a finicky, annoying thing to deal with through the course of a lifetime. But, essential to life and all that crap.

25. Sometimes, I need to be reminded just how good I have it, and what a great number of blessings I have in my life. This also goes for most people I know.

26. Walking on a cold, snowy evening, where the blanket of snow falling is so thick that just about the only thing you hear is the snow crunching and squeaking underneath your feet: One of the best ways to sort through your thoughts.

27. Doing a job that you love has a way to make a work-week feel not at all like one.

28. It's easy to say that you wish thing thing or that thing hadn't happened in your life, or the life of a loved one. But, it should always be remembered that we are who we are because of the road we've traveled.

29. Everyone should write, even if they're not a writer and no one will ever read it. You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself through the process of writing.

30. Tattoos are a wonderful thing, but should be considered long and hard before acquiring them. 5 years was just about right for me.

31. You can't have enough pictures of your child or pets.

32. Getting back in shape at 24 was a much easier thing to do than at 34. "They" weren't kidding.

33. It's always good to take every opportunity to tell a loved one that you love them. Always.

34. A rudimentary education will take about 13 years and last you from Kindergarten through secondary school. A good education will encompass some years at a university as well. A *great* education is the one that seeks no end, and allows you to soak up new knowledge from every aspect of your life.

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