Underprepared, but Alright and Hopeful...

Trying to keep up with the blog while actually holding down a job is, I've decided, not as easy as when I didn't have to worry about the whole job thing. Don't misread that, gentle readers! I'm QUITE glad to be gainfully employed once again. Though, I'm not sure exactly how gainful it is. I had a discussion with the office manager today about my future at the company. They're able to bump my woefully inadequate pay by $1 an hour when/if I start full-time with them, but she said they had to fight for that. I was expecting at *least* a $3-4 bump, and was hoping to argue for $5 or more. So, this has come as quite a disappointment. Especially since I am quite smitten with my job. It's a fun atmosphere to work in and the people I work with are a lot of fun. I fit right in, cause they're all a little off-kilter and entertaining as well. I guess I'm taking liberties with my self-view there, but hey...I think I'm an alright guy, to steal a line from Todd Snider.

I'm kind of hoping life returns to the fantastic October form it was holding last year in the near future. That was a time when I got to see my girlfriend at least once a week for a few hours and was making a decent income, living in a place of my own. The Girlfriend will soon be freed up again to visit once a week (hopefully) and I'll be elated to spend more time with her again. It's bleak out there, and I've found a nifty chick - don't make me go back out in the cold and dark. *whimper*

I need to figure out how to do all the cool web-blog type stuff my code-savvy friends can do. I don't think I blog enough to deserve an RSS feed or anything....but then again, I'm not completely sure what that entails anyhow....so maybe I should have exactly that. *shrug* Delightfully underprepared, am I, when it comes to conversations about HTML and the like. But, I definitely want to get the picture thing figured out at the very least.


Jerilyn said...
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Jerilyn said...

THANK GOD you finally updated. I was almost to the point of flashing you my boobies just so you'd get over your 'boobie-less' state.

kidding....just kidding