A depressing lack of boobies....

It's Mardi Gras time once again, and apparently I'll be stuck watching cam feeds. That is the way it goes though, I suppose. Being a single guy has it's benefits and a decidedly pronounced amount of drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is the Spousal Breast-al Rights. Now, yeah, yeah - before some of you get all in arms about a male claiming rights to a female's breasts...gimme a break. I'm not sayin' they're mine...just saying that as a husband, a guy gets certain viewing rights that just don't come along with anywhere NEAR the frequency they do when you are married. And, yeah, men probably are too hung up on breasts. But, hey...we don't have them. And they're really nice. You can play with them and stuff...it's fun! Not to mention the nippular enjoyment to be had. But, I'm stuck with my Massively Fabulous Man Knockers (TM) and that will have to do. UNLESS, while out at one of the local adult beverage distribution facilities here in Dallas, TX, I happen upon bead-seeking women with the disposition for exhibition. One can only hope.

So, aside from that, life is good. The Wired Monkey has been blessed with a job. Jobby job. w00+. I started work again today, and though the pay isn't desirable, it beats the living hell out of sitting on my ass all day calling around to places and surfing for jobs...even beats getting out and wasting gas driving from place to place in person to be told that no one is hiring.

I love being a techno geek too - I've decided this as a certainty at this point. I might get rolls of the eyes here and there (even from friends - you know who you are!), but there's something to be said for wi-fi technology. I'm at Humperdink's as we speak, and am able to chat, surf and muse upon life without having to get up for beer....it's so graciously brought to me by my waitress and leaves me free to rock out to the music and drink up. Oh, and think about the booby-less state of my existence.

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Jerilyn said...

Yeah....I am bemoaning the lack of boobies, too....my own, of course.

I don't seem to care for watching other ones, either. Hmm, could it possibly be because I am female?