Blog Envy

Envy seems to have been a recurring theme in my life lately. I'm not sure that it's all focused centrally from me envious of others (friends, acquaintances, complete effing strangers), but there is definitely a lot of jealousy in my life lately.

So what am I jealous of? Let's make a list and be all sorts of petty.

Things TheWiredMonkey is jealous of (and probably should just get over) in everyday life:
1. (with a big CAPITAL effing bullet) people who have love in their life every day.
2. People with jobs that allow them to skate around the city all day as they wish, popping into the office when it's convenient.
3. People who have money to be "cool" and "hip" and pretty much do what they'd like at all the great restaurants and clubs in town.
4. People who have gone to college and found the job they've pursued in the following 3-5 years (The ones who get it in the first couple years I'm not jealous of - I just hate their asses).
5. People who have figured out what they want out of life in their first 30 years. Cause, well......f*ck.

I'll leave it at that, lest I pursue some tangential, Tourret's disease-inspired rant that alienates friends and random blog stumblers alike from reading future posts. Well, I guess I'm not leaving it entirely alone, because there is the hidden point #6, which is the subject of this posting - Blog Envy.

Sorta like penis envy, in a way, I suppose. Though, I have never had experience with that...not that...well hell...how did I open this can of worms? Let's just move on, shall we? My point, shuffled aside and rosey-cheek inducing as it was, is that many blogs are more desirable and enjoyable than others. I find myself in awe of other people's blogs on a regular basis. I'm relatively new to the community, and I've had VERY sketchy success at regular posts. Part of it is laziness, I'm sure, but part of it is just lack of inspiration. I've found so many amazing blogs out on the web...from folks who are able to post pictures, video, interactive texts and inspire comments sections that border on forum-like discussion. It's incredible. I would love to enjoy that sort of success on the web - have the sort of life that others want to read about and talk about with friends. And if one DOES have that kind of life, really.....seriously...how do you find the time to write about it? It seems to be a veritable "catch-22", to me. But, still, I feel the envy....


Jerilyn said...

I still can't edit my own HTML.....does that make me less hated?

Jerilyn said...

Any updates on the horizon?

Anonymous said...

Dude, I think you should take your own advice and just get over it. I usually enjoy blog surfing, but this is just depressing. I wonder if your friends are offended by the comment about having no love in your life. I would be. Not one of the things you've mentioned has anything to do with being happy. You're just feeling sorry for yourself. Which might be why you won't achieve blog stardom. Who wants to read self-piting drivel? Thanks for sucking up the ten mintues of my life that I'll never get back.


Anonymous said...

You take self-deprecation to a new level. Like somewhere around the stratosphere. Post something positive and fun.

WiredMonkey said...

Perhaps that anonymous poster (and yeah - thanks for being so brave as to leave your actual name) had it right in many ways. Many apologies for the down tone of this posting. I'm normally a fairly positive person, and if you had read other postings, you would have discovered that. But, I can't say as I blame you for not going further...it was a harsh posting. So, I will take the constructive part of that criticism and use it. Much thanks.

P.S. Nitpick my spelling all you want.

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed reading it, and didn't consider it to be THAT much of a downer overall. I mean, yeah....and yet I know exactly where this is coming from. 'sides, like anyone didn't know what you meant by Love in your life everyday.

Of course when I read that comment I too thought, "Sheesh Monk--not seeing the forest for the trees?".

Of course, being your gothiest girlfriend I suppose I'm supposed to be both morbid and sympathetic--so processing this blogpost was well within my modus operandi.