Exterminating the Ghosts in the Machine

I've been slacking at posting again - trying to keep up with the ideal of posting weekly. I'm off that pace right now. But, I guess not too badly.

My laptop got an overhaul this week. Much overdo and much needed, it was. I finally gave in and upgraded Windows XP to Service Pack 2. I held off from doing it at the initial time of release after hearing horror stories of the havoc it caused in laptops. So, I prepared for the worst - backed up everything on the laptop, crossed my fingers and gave the update. Knock on wood, there's been no adverse effects and with the flushing out of garbage I proceeded to perform afterwards, the machine is running spiffy once again. Hasn't been this fast in about 6 months. So, this Monkey is happy about being Wired once again.

I'll put my all into a better update later in the week. Until then, take a look on the left at my update of what's new in my life right now and stuff....and revisit me in a few days. Thanks!

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