Wildflower 2008

Tickets went on sale yesterday for this year's Wildflower Festival in Richardson, TX. This festival is almost always a great time. They have a great gathering of restaurant booths and artist displays, and always seem to attract some relatively big-name bands. In the past, they have had Bowling for Soup, Better than Ezra and Cowboy Mouth, just to name a few. They are usually bands that can't quite fill large venues in the Dallas area, but are still of interest to see. And there's nothing quite like an evening concert in the Texas Spring...

This year's lineup includes Everclear and Eve 6, and I've been on the internets already, talking to friends about making an evening of it. I know, I know...Art Alexakis can be a bit...well...Art Alexakis. But, the music is still damned enjoyable. And, you can't be the ticket price - only $7.50 for residents, and it covers the whole evening, so that's for both bands. Woo hoo!

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