Post 100!

One Hundred posts...seems like a benchmark of sorts, but as I have only been posting a few times a year, as of late, I guess it's kind of an anti-climactic benchmark. But, I'm happy to be here nonetheless. W00t!

If you are reading this within a few days or weeks of this posting, you are probably noticing several changes to the site. I made some changes to kind of focus this area to be writing-centric. I really want to take away some of the more distracting widgets that were on the site, and put the emphasis on my writing. I hope this is met with approval (hell, I'll take general acceptance) and not virtual tomatoes lobbed in my direction. I'm open to any ideas you might have, as well.

There are still some widgets, though, as you can see. A link to photos and a glimpse into what I'm reading at the moment are still up there. As far as the weather is concerned and updates about movies and food, that sort of thing - well, I'll put that in the posting.

I've also gotten rid of links to some other websites, and consolidated that with blogs I read. To friends who find that their website is no longer listed on the page - well, your blogs aren't being updated. So, I'm trying to clear things up. Let me know that you're planning a post, and I'll list you there. I would love for visitors to my blog to be able to read blogs that *I* read regularly and find interesting. It was nothing personal. That said, go check out the sites I listed. I can almost guarantee you'll find some fun things worth reading.

Okay, well - let the comments flow.

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