I'm Alternative to Alternative

Well, not really. There's nothing particularly ground-breaking or revolutionary about my newest fascination. But, it's still kind of an "indy" thing and makes me feel counter-culture. So, I giggle about it on occasion.

What I'm talking about is the new Podcasting phenomenon. LampLover got me my first mp3 player for my birthday, and it's great to listen to all my mp3s on, as I have thousands...but one of the other new, fun things to do is check out podcasts. The genre is sort of a mix of ham radio, college radio and MTV's old show 120 minutes. But, what it lacks in polish and flair, it often makes up in humor and just good, old-fashioned great music. One of my favorite 'casts so far is a show called Accident Hash. The dude that runs the show, C.C. Chapman, does the show from Boston, MA and seems to have pretty good taste in music from what I have seen so far. I've heard everything from local New England bands (which I miss - lots of great places to see small shows up in the northeast) to bands from Oklahoma, Washington state and California. By listening to his show, and others like his, I've stumbled upon some bands I never would have heard before. Some merit no more listens than the one I give on his show, but others are very good and worth hearing more. You can download the songs from the Podsafe Music Network he is a part of, or you can go and do what I would recommend - support the band and buy an album.

In the last week and a half, I've found several new very good bands, and have found a new "indy music" side of myself I had kind of given up on, due to lack of resources and time. Podcasting has made it very easy to get back into the small music scene. And, it sticks it to big corporate radio at the same time. Bite it Clear Channel! hehehe...

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