This just in...

Not quite a real post here - just photo updating y'all.

I finally updated the Flickr page with toobing photos - they're viewable if you click on the link I just gave you, or you can click on the Flickr flash box on the left-hand side of the blog.

Thank you. That is all.


Fabulous said...

You are aware that the word is "tube" and not "toob"?

I am officially boycotting your blog until this egregious misspelling is rectified.

That, and where's the link to my blog??? F&*ker!


WiredMonkey said...

I am aware that the common spelling of the word is "tube", HOWEVER, all along the Guadalupe and such rivers the recreational activity is known as "toobing". SIC. So, I kept to the local slang.

As far as your link...it was my oversite...I grabbed a bunch I had in my recent history and I hadn't seen yours in a bit. Sorry :P It's rectified sweetie...