Happy Birthday to Me...

So, last weekend was my birthday - the medium-sized 3-1. Ugh. It's taken me a while to post everything, mostly because I've been playing a game of catch-up since returning home. It's amazing how far behind you can feel after only being gone for four days. But, things are finally returning to normal just in time for another weekend. MUCH less action this weekend, which is fine by me. I need some unwinding time. I do have to say, though, all in all, last weekend was one of the best of my life, hands down. My friends rock.

BurnoutZen started planning the trip a couple of weeks ago and we had only some loose structure to the idea - go to Austin, hit 6th street and have some fun, and take a trip to Shiner, all over the course of a weekend. Simple but brilliant. Brilliant! Slowly over the course of the following week and a half, the plan started to form a bit more structure. A timeline was formed: We'd drive to Austin, stay with LampLover's friend from college at her house north of town, meet up with another group of friends who were coming down to do some toobing on the Guadalupe, hit 6th street with them that night, meet up with my sister the following day to do something and then, before heading home on Monday, go to Shiner and tour the brewery. Rock!

It was one of those rare plans that managed to stay mostly intact and be very successful all at the same time. We ended up toobing on a branch of the river called the Comal (a branch of the Guadalupe), but the area was fantastic! (the "toobing" link will take you to the website of some person who I don't know, but their pictures look similar to the ones I took - I should have mine by next week sometime, if all goes well - check back).

The portion of the trip where we did something with my sis was fun too - We got to tour a cavern to the Northeast of San Antonio - Natural Bridge Caverns. I had never been exploring through caverns before - it was really fun and pretty educational too. Afterwards, we went to the Riverwalk in SA and went to Hooters (yay!) and had drinks at a piano bar called Durty Nelly's (DN doesn't get a link, cause I'm mad at them - they put a hold on a large chunk of money from my debit card and it caused overdraft fees 4 days later. So, while they're fun and it was a great time - you'll have to google them yourself if you wanna see them).

A good amount of pictures from the outing have already been posted for your enjoyment. I went out and got myself a Flickr account, which seems to be pretty cool. If I start doing more pictures, I may have to upgrade myself to a pro account, but even that is reasonably priced. I've heard good things about the site from friends, so it should be a good investment. Anyway, in the meantime, I have a free account and you can see the photos. Just take a look on the left hand side of this main page, and you'll see a little flash display of the photos. Click one and it will take you to the my area on the site.

I can't thank BZ and LL enough (since they were the chief orchestrators and perpetrators of the weekend) for making it such an amazing weekend. They were generous to the point of martyrdom, willing to do anything I wanted to do (and cheery about it) and supplied their own great personalities all weekend, which turned the fun on the weekend up several notches. Thanks again!!!!

That said, another weekend is looming, and, as I remarked earlier - this one will be much less hectic. Last weekend, over the course of 3.5-4 days, we drove 1,000 miles and visited dozens of people. This weekend's goal - 10 miles and maybe 2 people. Enough...time to veg!

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