Organizing, Assessing and Soaking in One's Own Filth

It's been a quiet couple of weeks. Sometimes it's difficult to get to the computer to post, regardless, and so I haven't. I've spent plenty of time with LampLover...and she's a chief distraction; a very pleasant one, of course. I've also been doing lots of work and then there was the fun organizing my closet...this all sounds like random, mundanely boring stuff. Well, it was...but it was kind of fun too.

I'm mainly speaking of the closet re-organization. I abstained from taking photos because, well...it's a closet. But, it is organized pretty well at this point. After taking grief from my roomie and LampLover about it, I finally decided to drop some coin and put my room in order. Got rid of the boxes and crates all over the floor...and tables...and bed. Yeah...stuff was all over. But now, thanks to an expensive venture to The Container Store, It's organized in hanging shelves, stackable bins and plastic storage containers. I did learn one important thing throughout this organizational voyage: I still have too much crap.

My sister came to visit me the weekend before last. She thinks I lead a crazy lifestyle, I think. But, my sister's always been a bit more of a home body. She's never really gone through the "wild and crazy" phase of life (but then, compared to some, neither have I). She settled down quite early and planted roots (of sorts)...and so is married and has a house and all that...at the ripe old age of 22. Me? I'm 30 (almost thirty-one-derful) and have very few assets holding me down. I don't know that I relish that descriptor of my life, but it's how it is for the time being.

This week I get to housesit for a friend - he has gone out of town and left me the keys to his nice North Dallas pad, complete with big-screen TV and hot tub. W00t! The WiredMonkey plans on unplugging a bit and getting down with some relaxation this weekend. You better believe that hot tub will be getting some use....nothing like soaking in your own filth to make your cares slip away...

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Anonymous said...

the container store rules! well, as much as a store full of boxes can rule, but I love them.
-LAB in CT