Can't I just lay in bed all day? Pleeeeeeaaase?

I hate being sick.

That's a stupid statement on it's own, when I look at it. Who would actually say "oh, being sick? That rules...sign me up!" But, still, I am standing by my stupid, obvious statement. Being sick really sucks...especially when you have no sick-time built up at your job. So, I schluff off to work every day, loaded full of ibuprofen, acetaminophen and pseudoephedrin, sucking down gatorade and tea like it's going out of business. This hasn't provided the relief I'd like though. So, I may have to change tactics - tackle this on an allergy-level. LampLover seems to think it's allergy-related, so I'll take up her suggestion to load myself full of Claritin this afternoon. Hopefully that will help.

I get my little nutball companion back today (my diminutive pooch, Hunter). He's been staying with my friends C & L (names left out to protect the not-so-innocent), and now that I've got my affairs at my apartment somewhat in order, it's time to relieve them of their unrequested dog-duty and pick up the little scamp. I'm just hoping he adjusts to my having a roommate well and isn't a true pain in the arse. I have serious doubts.

I'm currently uploading my music collection to my computer. I've been talking about doing it for ages, and I'm finally getting around to doing it. It's pretty cool when you really get a good shuffle of your entire music collection going. Makes me crave the iPod that LL just purchased. Having all of it on a little playing card-size box would be ultra cool. But, to get to that point, I need to get all my music in digital format anyway. I'm a bit worried that I won't have the space for everything, though. I've only uploaded about 70 or 80 discs so far, and I'm already at 3GB of music. I've still got about 450 more discs to load.....and I think I've got about 10GB of space...then everything is going to slow down. Ugh. So, I'm thinking about upgrading my laptop's hard drive. Or, I could just wait and go with that Apple Mini I've had my eye on....oh, the decisions....*sigh* In the meantime, I'm just gonna keep uploading.

From the web: Ran across this story while FARKing today...was a really funny story of what can happen when a NICE person ends up with a celebrity phone number. Kinda scary when you think of it, really...someone gets your number and can really play havoc with your life if they want to be malicious. Though, I suppose you're partly to blame if you're not updating people with your new number...but then again, think of how many companies and people you give your number to without expecting regular contact with them...if they call and said Malicious Pretender decides to have fun with it...could be a weird situation.


Anonymous said...

hey bear-
I lost your address and email in my great email account debacle. Can you fire them out to me when you get a chance? Also, congrats on getting Hunter back. We like Hunter. Hunter is spastic and cute.

Jessica-Star said...

Hey Monk,

I loved that story, thanks so much for putting the link in your blog. It's neat how you doing that ties into the entire phenomena behind the addendum--and also goes to show that some of us are a little behind the times on these things and it's nice to dig up older stories or sites to share. I mean there are still peeps out there who never saw the hamster dance y'know?

I'm totally sorry that you're sickmuffins. Allergies are a bitch, and this seasons been bad up here--I actually lost my voice for 3-4 days. Evil evil allergies oh we hates them yes, but good ol' generic claritin helped clear it up for me!

Hope your music uplading goes well. I have prolly 350 or so of my cds on my comp--and do you remember that I had purchased a 30gb player this time last year? Well, it was a beautiful thing--'Guided Random' Fred called it while riding with me due to my penchant to edit songs as they came along. However Evil TSA (perhaps they're in cahoots with allergies?) broke it last december. So sad. So so sad. If you do get one, keep it safe!