Dreams of new computers and more...

I always seem to daydream about a new computer system...most of the systems I dream about tend to be quite out of reach. Because, hey, if you're going to daydream about a computer, you might as well make it one of the coolest systems you can get. Besides, if you do actually purchase said system, it starts it's journey to Obsolete City as soon as you escort it from it's shipping box.

Well, that being said, I've found my new computer. At least, what I would *LIKE* to have as my new computer (contributions, anyone? anyone? ...Bueller?). Check out the (relatively) new Apple Mini. They have packed quite a system into this little critter, and it comes with most everything you need, aside from a monitor...heck, I can find one of them. :P The system I've designed on their site gives me a 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4 machine with 512mb RAM, 80GB HD, Wireless Airport Extreme (802.11G) card, keyboard and mouse (Mac makes cool ones) and it still comes in quite a bit under $800. That's IMPRESSIVE for Apple!

Aside from daydreaming about computers, I've been a busy little beaver moving. I got all of my stuff from storage this last weekend and am once again reunited with all my stuff (one fluffy little pooch aside...Hunter is still on vacation at my old place...THANKS C & L!) and moving it in was LOTS of fun. Thank goodness I had a great deal of help from BurntoutZen and Lamp Lover. I would have been up a particular creek without a means of propulsion trying to move a sleeper sofa on my own, if you get my drift. But, with their assistance, I got it all in...only to have The Cheat come back from Michigan with all HIS stuff on Tuesday....UGH! So, currently, the Pad is bit of mess. But, on the plus side there is plenty of stuff there. We will have to christen the Pad with a good party in the near future....tentative date is about 2 weeks from now. Yay!

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