March Madnesses

I've been engrossed with this show, 24, for the past few days. When the show originally aired, I loved the premise of the show. It worked out well that most shows produce 24 episodes in a season, so for an hour-long show to run in relative "real time" was a nifty concept. But, after missing the first few episodes for various reasons, I figured I would be far too lost trying to figure out what was happening. It turns out that I probably would have been just fine, but I'm glad that I caught it in the end. I'm about two-thirds the way through the first season, and thoroughly enjoying it. Turns out Kiefer Sutherland is a pretty darn decent actor. I think the show is in it's fourth season by now, so I'll have some back DVD's to watch to catch up. I am looking forward to rainy weekends, now.

St. Patrick's Day is upon us again, and I'm actually going to be the responsible adult and tend to things that need to be done as opposed to postponing them for fun on the town. So, while the hordes are out painting the town green and rocking out in bacchanalian style, I will be at home working away on my computer. And feeling smugly happy about it, in my own little way. Besides, I have very little money and it's a work night. It's probably all for the best.

Also, another very happy thing, March Madness is here! I don't know why it always turns out like this, but for whatever reason, I miss most of the NCAA basketball season until about February, and then catch the championships in the different conferences, and The Big Dance. 64 teams duke-ing it out until one is crowned champion. If you need me tomorrow, I'll be at work, trying whenever I get a free moment or so to jump on to ESPN and check the latest scores. We're doing a pool there, and since I am probably the most knowledgeable and experienced with regards to NCAA basketball, I'm almost assured to finish dead last. But, the dance is fun...

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