Drawing The Line...
Last night my wife, her uncle (who is actually only a year older than her, so it's almost more like a brother), a few of his friends from work and I went to Odessa to go see an Aerosmith tribute band called Draw The Line. We didn't get there until late because I had to cover a hockey game for the paper, which was another ordeal in itself. Many troubles sending in the story. But, all was well that ended well, and we eventually got there at about midnight and were able to see them play for about 2 hours. I was pretty blown away. I've seen Aerosmith twice, and these guys sounded so closely to them, that if you weren't looking you'd swear you were listening to Aerosmith. And, the singer looked enough like Steven Tyler that even the look was passable at most times. Definitely the best tribute band I've ever seen!

Check out some photos from the show on my moblog page.

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