Hopes Are Dashed...
All hopes of the Cubs wrapping up the series against the Marlins Tuesday night were dashed with a series of bad luck. The Cubs took a 3-0 lead into the top of the 8th inning, only to see the Marlins come back and score 8 runs, and hold on to win 8-3. It all started with a fan's bad decision (yes, I know that's editorializing, but I'm not writing for the newspaper here...I'll bloody well be emotional and editorial if I choose!) to get a souvenir. It was a souvenir that would have been happily given to him, I'm sure, if he had just let Moises Alou CATCH the damn ball first! It wasn't ruled fan interference, but I'm not sure how it avoided that distinction. From all the views that cameras allotted, it seemed to me that the fan's hand was CLEARLY over the railing, even if just by a fingers-width. From there, it only went downhill. Alex Gonzalez turned a very routine play into a horrible error. That's all that the Marlins needed. They were able to jump on the demoralized Cub pitching and defense, and rack up all the runs they needed. GRRRRR....So, there's now a game 7 to be played Wednesday night. Go Cubbies!!

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