A Thing a Year - Part the First

A Thing A Year - 34 Life Lessons I've Learned:

1. Attitude is everything. When you're down in the dumps, life dumps on you more. When you stay positive and happy, you'll be amazed at what you can do with just scraps and a smile.

2. The first axiom is much easier believed than put into practice.

3. Money isn't everything. But, everything wants money.

4. A day spent without music is like a black and white film - what's going on might be great, but something seems to be missing...

5. A good writer is a great reader. A great writer...well, I need to go read...

6. Everyone should experience a summer night in a place where you can see the stars overhead and hear the crickets all around you.

7. Never be afraid to try new foods. You never know when you're going to find your favorite food.

8. Always take time in your day to do something you love. Even if it's just 5 minutes with a great book, or on the phone with your best friend/significant other. Those 5 minutes can make a long day bearable.

9. It's too easy to forget the joy of being a kid. Do things as an adult that take you back there...walk...ride your bike...skip...make random snow angels or stop to jump in a puddle.

10. There's no way to accurately convey to a non-parent what it's like to be a parent, because there's no way to describe how someone can make you feel worse about life than you ever have, while at the same time making you feel happier than you ever than you ever thought possible.

11. The only mark many of us will leave on this earth will be a negative one - we should all be striving to make positive changes in this world to contribute to it instead of constantly taking.

12. Dogs are the best friend a kid can ever have.

To be continued...


FU-D said...

I have been into axioms lately if have noticed the PS's on the Blasts. Some better than others. But good stuff none the less.

WiredMonkey said...

Thanks, FU-D.

Axioms are an odd thing...they can be trite and over-used, and still be true. Or, they can be ignored and scoffed and still be true. I think the thing about it is...yeah, you got it.