A Return to the Cool...

Seriously, Southwest Airlines? Why is the freedom to sit where you want such a big perk when it comes to airlines seating. Is this really what surveys revealed to be passengers' biggest gripe? Honestly? Keep the scary food, keep the limited leg room - let's make sure passengers can sit where they want? Whatever, Southwest.

We had a cold front come in today, and are finally feeling some more autumn-esque temperatures. I was really getting tired of the low to mid-80s temperatures in November. Not my idea of a good time, if you're writing this down. I like the cool, crisp autumnal weather. 'Course, a good number of you are saying, "well, don't live in Texas, dumbass." Fair enough.

I've decided to focus a fun link on hockey today, inspired by the cool breeze blowing in through the opened windows and the hockey game that is currently showing on my television (Stars and Sharks are tied 3-3, currently). I went on to YouTube, and doing a search of "Stanley Cup", was reminded about one of the best moments in Stanley Cup history - Ray Bourque finally getting a chance to lift the Cup (even though it was for that Colorado Avalanche team I hate so much). Yay Ray!

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