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Oops - missed a few. Well, you didn't think I'd make it all the way through the month posting everyday anyway, did you? I actually thought I might be able to, but oh well. Hey - I'm still going to do my best to finish out the rest of the month strong.

So, the Stars made a few moves today. They fired Doug Armstrong as the GM and replaced him with Les Jackson (who I think was the director of scouting operations - could be wrong) and Brett Hull, who will be "co-general managers". It's an interesting twist, and I didn't see it coming, for sure. I saw the writing on the wall for someone, and had a feeling it would be either Armstrong or head coach Dave Tippett who would get the axe, but I didn't think that Hullie would be one of the replacements as GM. He's definitely loved by the fans...maybe owner Tom Hicks and team president Jim Lites wanted someone in the front office that the fans wouldn't get angry at. Hard to get mad at the man who gave us our one-and-only (so far!) Stanley Cup.

In non-sports news....well, there's just not much non-sports news right now. My buddy Trog (I'll call him that for reasons known to him and the world of WoW) and I are going to see a theater screening of The Menagerie, which is a 2-part episode of the original Star Trek series. It should be pretty cool - we're both Trek fans (and not Trekkies...just don't have that kind of time to devote to a TV series....any TV series). That's on Thursday. Will let you know how it goes. They reportedly have cleaned up the film and turned it into a high-definition projection with stereo surround sound. It's hard to do something like that when your original is mono (I think it was recorded mono) and in "Panavision". But, fingers crossed....

Random fun video of the day: Wanna Buy a Ghost?

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