The Working Zombie Monkey

I don't have one of those jobs that inspires - no life-changing decisions are made at my work, no lives are bought and sold, no empires created or crumbled. That said, however, I don't dislike my job. It's relatively challenging, consistantly changing (something I enjoy that others perhaps do not), and I'm compensated adequately. It's not a job that inspires. That's just fact.

So, Mondays are always an obstacle. Add to this that I have been in a allergy-induced daze for the past week (I hope it's allergies anyway), and you have a whole new dislike for Mondays. There are about 40 elective surgeries I'd rather go in for than go to work tomorrow. Seriously - 42, I think.

But, life will go on - and once I'm there, and plodding away at my desk, taking my two daily allocated "smoke" breaks - which, for a non-smoker like myself, gives me time to walk around and listen to my iPod - I'll adjust and things will be just ducky. I'll be a working zombie monkey, but at least I'll be there. Whiling away the hours until I can wrangle one of those "jobs that inspire". They aren't on Monster - trust me.

Other than the zombie worker thing, other things are good. The baby monkey is doing well, and if it is cooperating on Wednesday, LampLover and I get to find out if it's a SheMonkey or a HeMonkey. As long as all the appropriate toes and fingers are there, and the brain works, I'll be a happy papa.

Monkey out.


FU-D said...

Nobody likes Mondays I think. Glad to hear you guys are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Mondays suck.
Babies rule (and drool).
I'd like to bet a dollar that the lil monkey is a girl.
Eric will bet a dollar the lil monkey is a boy.
This way, we break even. :)

Just remember, the bellybutton is NOT a turkeytimer. Just because it pops out, doesn't mean the baby is done. :)