He-Monkey, Master of the Uterus!

It's official - the Little Monkey is a boy. "It" is now a "he"! LampLover and I are both just happy that he is healthy and happy. There was lots of activity in the ultra sound. He was a very active little guy. He didn't much care for his happy warm home being bombarded with intense levels of energy for the ultrasound, so he was having a bit of a tantrum. It was like watching a fit on mute. Much more amusing that way...I have a feeling in a year or so, the tantrums won't seem as cute.

Not much news going on other than that. We're healthy and happy too - LL is wrapping up the end of her third trimester at chiropractic school (I can't believe a year has passed this quickly). The Dallas Stars dropped Game 7 of the opening round in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, so they're off for the summer now. Another great season and unfulfilled potential. So frustrating.

More updates will follow. I'm noticing a major trend in blogs lately - major lack of updates. It makes me look downright hard-working at mine. But, these things ebb and flow. Perhaps the next mighty gush of words from my friends is just around the corner. I'm working at building up my waves...need to keep these waters flowing.

-Stop. Monkeytime.


FU-D said...

Great News! Congrats to you and LL!
Any ideas on names? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

We want pictures! Not that I ever see anything but weather patterns in those little black and white pictures, but still. :)

We can hardly wait until you guys upgrade to the external model and we can come play!

jerilyn said...


a boy.

Poooooor LL, she's gonna have her hands full...with you AND the monkeyson.