I'm Going Down to South Park...

Just in case any of you ever wondered what the WiredMonkey might look like as a South Park character....wonder no more:

Just thought you might want to know.


Fu-D said...

Where did you find this?
That's Awesome!

Christine said...


I just wanted to stop by because I responded to one of your statements in Greeblemonkey's post...well, I kinda took issue with it (I used to be a doctor so I got a bit defensive. Yikes).

Anyway, I just didn't want to come across as some snarky trolly beyotch, so I thought I'd introduce myself.


WiredMonkey said...

No worries, Christine. :)

I'm all for free and open discussions. Besides, your statements are too well-formed and well-stated for me to think you were a snarky, trolly beyotch...

My wife is a chiropractor-to-be (1 more year left in school or so), and so I am probably tainted by a bit of the distaste they have for the medical community in general. Mostly the AMA and health insurance companies...I really think there are MANY find doctors who truly care for their patients. I have had those doctors myself, in fact. The way I stated things made it seem a bit nastier than I meant to be though...sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for dropping by my blog...I'm on my way to check out yours!

Christine said...


Actually, there was a chiropractor in my medical school class...I went to an Osteopathic medical school. So I belonged to the AOA, not the AMA. Is that any better? ;)

It's a bitter world; I'm glad I'm not in it any more. I actually got out early...the month after I graduated I had my son. I delayed my residency by six months, then another six months...now the only person who calls me Doc is my MIL.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back here, for sure!