NaBloPoMo and 80 Blatherings!

So, what is this gibberish you're reading above, and why should I start my blog posting talking about it? I'm glad you asked, Hector. You always were the inquisitive one of the twins. Quick, to the explanation stool!

Okay, so NaBloPoMo is a site that I stumbled upon after a late night of binge-drinking and yahtzee. Actually, I came across it while web-meandering from page to page (while binge-drinking). It started with a visit to an iLike page of a fan of Michael Penn...or maybe it was They Might Be Giants...who turned out to be the adorable Uber-Mom from Colorado, Greeblemonkey (sorry 'bout your state's Rockies, Greeblemonkey - they were a fantastic team this year and deserved better than to run into the Machine that my Red Sox had become at that point). Anyway, she had a link to her page about the Blog Posting Fiesta that was to happen, and I loved the concept. And HEY!! What better idea to kick start a person who has been posting a blog a month (at best) for the past year or two, than to challenge said person to post a blog a DAY? Yes folks...for those who haven't already followed the link and learned, NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month. I view it as a tribute to bloggers and writers everywhere, and a call for them to do what they do best - or in my case, what they do monthly. (No, FU-D, I'm not going to make that comparison. Shut up).

So, that's the goal - we're really going to plunge deep into the WiredMonkey's psyche if you can stomach the ride long enough. Not that it's a grotesque or demanding journey...just hoping it's not so boring you want to get off the ride on Nov. 2nd. Heh. I hear you get a free shirt if you make it through Thanksgiving....

Anyhoo...so this is my 80th posting. Nice round number...it made me stop and a take a moment on what I've reflected upon in the past couple years. Not bad, but there should be more. Again, this is where this drive kicks in, I think. I've got lots going on to reflect upon now, and a few good stories to tell. The people will remain nameless (or dubbed with silly little psuedonyms, which is something that amuses me endlessly), so you'll get all the fun details. Now that you have the details, check back tomorrow, and you'll see something new. Yay.

P.S. Wouldn't it suck if my next posting were November 28th? Hah!
P.P.S. I love the idea of a label called "random". Eventually, my "random" posts will all be categorized neatly to read at once. That's awe-tastic.

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FU-D said...

Uh-huh, so That's how I get mentioned. Atleast I'm reading and comenting. I'm looking forward to new postings.