Weather Musings

The kiddo is sleeping, and the dog is too...so I get a chance to chime in. I missed posting yesterday - yeah, I admit it - but I'm still staying with the spirit of NaBloPoMo as much as possible. Yesterday was just a bit difficult to get out here and make my mark.

There was a bit of a return to some cooler weather in North Texas, today. This was welcomed with opened arms by me. I much prefer the cooler weather to the warmer. I stand in contrast to my mom and sister there, I think. They were both happy to get away from Maine's climate, whereas I still occasionally daydream about living what that weather again. Don't get me wrong. Winter all-out sucks. But, no worse than Texas Summers kinda all-out suck. So, you trade out one for another. I used to joke that "you don't have to shovel heat". And this is true, obviously...but you know. You can always put on clothes....you can only take off so much...and then if you're still miserable, you're just f*cked.

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FU-D said...

I do like it when women the go scantly clad vs Parka's though