Hockey, Music & Monkeys

It's been rough watching the Stars play tonight. Currently, the score is 3-0 Phoenix with 5:27 left to play in the 2nd period. What's sad is that the Stars have had many more scoring chances than Phoenix. The Coyotes are just getting all the lucky bounces. Things just haven't gone the Stars' way this season so far, and I think one of the big reasons it hasn't happened is management's decision not to put all the money they had at their disposal to go out and get a big scoring winger this off-season. It's showing now.

Other than that, though, it was a good day. The weekend is here, finally. I don't think I posted about my misfortune with my music collection the other night. Tragedy struck when I came home from work to find that my CAREFULLY saved music collection that I had reloaded onto my new operating system just the night before, was missing. There was just nothing to be found. I'm not sure if I did it, or if someone else accidently deleted something (I left my account logged in, and a couple people had access to it...I don't blame them - it's my fault - but they might have accidently done it). Luckily, I got together with some friends a few months ago for a big music swap, and so all of that music is also on one of their hard drives. I'm getting together with one of those friends tomorrow to restore the collection. I miss it!!

I'm getting back to the game. Enjoy a preview of what could possibly be the worst movie ever (but, it does have a monkey skateboarding and playing hockey - still not enough though...yikes).

Monkey out.


FU-D said...

I was actually at the game last night. M got free tickets. It was painful to watch and I couldn't even drown my woes with beer due to antibotics and bronchitis. It broke my streak of atendance and victories. It was painful to watch. Lets hope they improve over the season.

WiredMonkey said...

How about last night (vs. the Ducks)? 5-0 back at them...it's good and bad. Shows they can do it, but in the bad department, it shows that they can do it but DON'T every game. Hope they work on the latter.