Reconnecting to my Musical Roots

Over the past few months, I've really been reconnecting with a vital part of my "youth" (14-24 yrs old, anyway): my music. God bless iTunes, my iPod (and Apple, by proxy, for those two things), large hard drives and technology in general. I have my entire music library uploaded onto iTunes, and thanks to a good friend, I have about quadrupled my library with additions from outside sources. Plus, this same friend is as much of a music junkie as I am (if not moreso), and I finally have someone to nerd out at the music store with. Very awesome.

LL is doing well, for all those wondering. Life has been going by at triple speed. Much like my stupid Time Warner DVR and remote, when I try to slow it down by pressing the little pause button on the remote, it complete ignores me and keeps going at breakneck speed. I'm just trying to gather in everything I can.

Little C - as I will refer to the monkeyling on here - is healthy and apparently happy, aside from bouts of hiccups and restlessness. His room is all ready and waiting for him at this point. We're playing the waiting game, mostly.

There's a baby shower this weekend, and I'm sure it will be a good time. I'm gonna try and keep clear...will update again soon...well, you know me - as soon as I can. Could be two days, could be 3 months. lol...

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and wishes lately - all you readers rule. Will try to be better about this. :) WiredMonkey out.


FU-D said...

Thanks for the Update.

Anonymous said...

We'll think of you this weekend.
Sorry we couldn't make it out.

We too are having musical flashbacks. Saw Cracker and the Lemonheads a few weeks ago. Very cool.

Good luck with the waiting game. :)