Unmarked Cars are Watching My Neighbors Dog...

Finally, a respite in the work. It's been crazy at work, and because of that I haven't wanted to be in front of a computer unless I'm at work. Therefore - very little blogging. Which was probably for the best anyway, as most stories about work are pretty boring.

Outside of the work world, things have been going great (he says, knocking on wood). LampLover and I are coming up on our 11th monthiversary towards the end of the month, meaning just a little over a month before the big landmark. We're very excited about it and speaking for myself, I'm really looking forward to the next one, and one after that, etc., etc. I've never been so excited about my future with a person before.

*mush mush mush*

I know. But now you're past it, so don't you feel better?

This weekend should be a good time. A couple of days away from work is always nice, but when you can have a gathering with friends, eat good foods and drink some Shiner...well that just makes the weekend all that more enjoyable. Of course, it's the big Super Bowl weekend upon us, so LL and I will be taking a friend up on an invite for a small gathering to include a cookout and access to a kegerator full of Brown Liquid Goodness (a.k.a. Shiner). My dearest girl is not a fan of football, but hopefully with all the commercials and camaraderie and Shiner, it will help her get through the ordeal. To be honest, even as a football fan, this is the biggest let-down of a SuperBowl in about a decade. I mean really...Pittsburgh and Seattle?? Who cares??? Well, aside from the citizens of Pittsburgh and Seattle...and do they even? *shrug* Hopefully I'll be wrong and it'll be a good game.

**Here's where the credits would be if you were watching a movie.**


Anonymous said...

Is the dog ok? Maybe the dog is in the CIA. Or a spy for the Soviets. Maybe the dog is a double agent for the East Germans AND the Soviets. How old is the dog?

Anonymous said...

So. I think next year we should finally have that Quentin Tarentino film festival on valentine's day.

You in?


WiredMonkey said...

I'm in...that sounds like a good time. And it'd be a great way to wave the protest flag against commercialism. Down with Hallmark!! Down with Whitman's Samplers!!

WiredMonkey said...

Oh, and regarding the first comment... I can't comment on the dog or any aspects of the cases pertaining TO said dog. Sorry. There is no dog.