Post-Op Prattle

Under the knife and out the other side.

So, I have undergone the surgery, and now I'm recovering slowly, bed-ridden and drug-filled. That may sound fun, but it's really more necessary than anything else. This morning I found out what can happen if I let the drugs in my system lapse, even due to something as necessary as sleep. Owwwww, dammit. I will be doing my best to make sure THAT doesn't happen again. I've been blessed with having a great nurse through this - LampLover is taking fantastic care of me (though she won't put on a little skimpy nurse's outfit while she is doing it...was worth a shot). She is staying with me and brought lots of movies to help entertain me while I'm stuck horizontal. The Cheat was really nice and bought me a movie to help entertain me while I'm out of commission as well - Wedding Crashers is part of my movie collection now.

I was going to attempt a return to work on Thursday, but that idea has been nixed. The return may happen Friday, but I'm going to wait and see how I feel tomorrow afternoon. I can't imagine sitting at work for 8 hours right now, even on pain meds...I just don't think it will happen. Friday is looking a tad doubtful too, but it's at least worth pondering. Any hours I can save would be nice, since I'd like to have SOME sort of personal time left in my cache by this summer.


FU-D said...

Nice to hear the surgery went well and you are on the mend.
Just have to get you back to full strength in time for Buffett in April.

Anonymous said...

get well soon.


J-Star said...

Hope you heal quickly Monk. It sounds pretty awful, but I'm glad you did get this taken care of--long-term it would've been such an issue. Short-term, well it couldn't have been comfortable I don't imagine.

So if you're back to work tomorrow...good luck. Thinking of ya and wishing you a speedy recovery.

WiredMonkey said...

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts folks - I'm doing well. I'm back at work now - missed a total of 4 work days and a weekend. I'm still in some pain, but I could be doing worse.

God bless Vicodin. My sweet friend, you are very helpful. If only you were Percocet...

Anonymous said...

If you start writing love sonnets to your medicine, we may have to do in intervention, just to warn you. :)

Glad you're doing better.