This Weather is Downright Un-Texan...Thankfully!

It's wonderfully cold here today. Not the type of cold that the Northeastern U.S. typically sees in October, but nonetheless, a nice cold temperature that is very unseasonable for this time of year. The WiredMonkey is thoroughly enjoying it. Earlier in the week, I was having the argument I sometimes have with myself as my hair gets longer: do I want to shave it or do I want to go pay $15 to a stylist to make it look good, and not all one length like some sort of organic Q-Tip? I opted to stay home with my clippers and save the money. So, when cold weather hits, the top of my head is usually the first to complain. Last night, I was walking Hunter on his appointed rounds, and actually felt the need to dig out a winter hat. A "tuque" or "toboggan", if you will, though I'm not fond of either of those words, particularly. Okay, tuque is just fun...but not toboggan. This morning, when deciding what to wear to work, I actually decided upon a sweater. It's nice when you get to wear the clothes with sleeves in Texas - it's not something you can count on, necessarily.

Tonight, if the temperature holds, I plan on finding a nice warm spot on my couch, mixing myself a drink to warm my insides, and curling up with a nice book. Reminds me of Autumn Days past...

Speaking of which, I was showing some co-workers slides of pictures of Maine Autumns. *sigh* This is the time of the year when I miss my home state the most. The weather is chilly and the mornings have a bite to them, if not actually producing frost. You can see your breath in front of you and the tingle in your cheeks from walking around in the cool air. The whole reminiscing made me a tad homesick. So to any of my Monks (or Pseudo-Monks) out there reading this - enjoy the weather and hometown for me, cause I'm missing it quite a lot right now.

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Jessica-Star said...

I love the word 'Tuque' ... asnd it's perfect for reminiscing about your hometown.

The official Monk report says: This Autumn is Crap. Well, at least it's a low foliage autumn so far and very wet...it's started very late with the unusually warm weather keeping the sap flowing. I'd say we're at about 50% right now--but I don't know if it's going to get much more vibrant.

The air has turned though...and the morning dew is shivering on windshields and contemplating a coming frost. All the usual things have settled into place--temperature, winds, the birds of various types passing by until only the gulls and pigeons remain. Dunk's has stopped asking if that'll be 'Hot or Iced?'. I turned on the heat last week--and Erika, paragon of energy efficiency that she is only made it to today. I guess two shirts, a sweater, and a hoodie weren't enough.

We mulled cider on the Bailey's stove sunday night while making plans for this halloween. Soon it'll be carving time. I wish you were here.

I'll take a good long walk for you and breathe deep, maybe a mount hope pic to show you that all is well and still here.