Long time no blog...

LampLover and I enjoyed our first NHL hockey game in over a year on Wednesday. My dentist, a season ticket holder who just happens to be the coolest dentist around, called me up at work and offered me his tickets for the evening, as he wasn't going. It was a great night for it - the hottest day of the year, culminating in an evening temperature in the 100's, made the prospect of a game on ice sound very tantalizing indeed. And, hey, it's the Stars! What's not to love, pre-season or not? I'm pretty happy with what the rule changes in the NHL have produced: the games are much faster and exciting. The Stars played a rather sloppy game against the St. Louis Blues, but managed to pull out the winner in overtime, 5-4.

Work has been keeping me busy with lots of jobs that aren't necessarily under my list of job duties. This makes for a stressed-out and annoyed monkey. LL hasn't enjoyed my mood because of it either, I'm sure. I'll be thankful when the large project I'm working on currently is finished this upcoming week, and I can let loose with a large sigh of relief. Things have been going well though, and today I was even rewarded with a small praise pellet from my boss. He came by and told me I had made myself quite the asset to the company and we would have to rearrange my schedule soon to be more in line with the corporate timeline (9-5, I guess). Regardless of the daunting prospect of earlier mornings, it made me smile.

Oh. And my asshole dog bit me again last week. I say that half in jest...anyone who knows me knows I love my dog...it's just that this biting issue is getting really old. It's about the 4th or 5th time he's bit me now. It's a good thing I love him, or he would have made the final trip to the vet years ago. LL suggested we get a training collar that he wears all the time now. It has made him a much better behaved job and he is starting to understand what is expected of him.

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