Movies and Snoozing...

This last weekend passed very quickly for a time space that was filled with such a dearth of activity. Nonetheless, it was still enjoyable. I tend to prefer the weekends that leave me and LampLover home relaxing on the couch/bed/floor/dog.

Friday was recovery from a long day at work - I stayed up watching movies with LL. Once again, Vince Vaughn didn't disappoint. We watched a silly little flick called Blackball in which he plays a sports agent. The premise of the movie is rather absurd, but not implausible in this day and age. A young Brit is destined to turn the sport of lawn bowling into England's second biggest sport because of his brash, rebellious attitude and amazing skill. Wacky hijinx ensue.

Saturday we slept in and then puttered around the house. LL went to work out, as she does most everyday. I'm so proud of her for being able to stick to her workout plan on a regular basis. I am horrible about being faithful to a workout schedule, especially lately. That might explain the belly. Anyhoo - Saturday night we watched Kung Fu Hustle, which was really very entertaining. It flirted with being a bad movie several times, but the artistic direction in it was so brilliant that it managed to keep us both engrossed and left us quite happy we had watched the film by the end.

Sunday, I was very lazy. I slept until early afternoon. I haven't slept that long in a LONG time. I could cling to the flimsy excuse that I was up until 4:30am, and really I didn't get much more than 8 hours of sleep, which is an acceptable amount of time to sleep, but that's really pretty sad. By the time we were both awake and I had dressed and walked Hunter, it was 2:15pm. We had 15 minutes to make it to Cafe Roti - the Indian-style buffet that LL and I had planned to visit - not enough time. So, we drove around trying to find food that wasn't horrible for us (fast food) or too expensive (most everything else). I was not a good boyfriend...let her down by having us miss the Indian Buffet in the first place...which made ME sad too, cause I really like the buffet. But, we had to let it go - it's time was past. So, we scrounged around the house for food and then met up with Da Cheat to look at some houses. Da Cheat is buying a house and BurntoutZen and I will be his roomies in the new casa, if all goes according to plan (crosses fingers and knocks on wood). LL, Da Cheat and I met up with BZ, and we visited 3 houses. We believe we have narrowed it down to 2 houses, at this point, and one of those may potentially be unavailable. So, we very well could have picked our house this weekend. We should know for sure at some point this week.

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