It says I haven't blogged in some time...I guess that is true. Some writer, huh?

Well all of my friends seem to have gotten out their e-pens and blogged onward and upward, so I am feeling the pressure. I should be keeping track of things somewhere, after all, and other than my journal, this is about all I've got. Plus, this is actually read by people prehumously (is that a word?)...and maybe the criticisms I'll get will make me a more accurate and compelling writer. Stranger things have happened.

So, as many who will read here already know...I'm back in Texas. It's where I belong and I never should have left, but I had to go to Florida to reaffirm the suspicion in my head, I guess. So, I put over 3,000 miles on my truck in less than a month, but I got to see a very interesting and beautiful part of the country first hand. And, I reconnected with my aunt, uncle and cousins whom I hadn't seen in about 12 years. That was well-worth it too. I also discovered that my father, stepmom and I can NOT live under the same roof. It was kind of fated to end badly, but I never saw the writing on the wall and neither did they. It's a shame, but hopefully it hasn't killed our relationship completely. We're on e-mailing terms again, so that's something...still no desire to chat it up on the phone anytime soon though, and I have a feeling they feel the same.

So, I'm job hunting again - if anyone has a job to offer me in the Dallas area (I don't care what the job is), I'll take it. I've been registering with temp agencies and submitting my resume left and right. I've applied for a few other jobs in person and I've got a job fair tomorrow. So, I've been keeping busy in the search. Please send positive juju my way...whatever you believe in. More to follow....I SWEAR!

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