Dare I hope...?
Tonight the Red Sox beat the Oakland A's to advance to the American League Championship. To me, the dream match up in the World Series would be the Chicago Cubs and the Red Sox. The Sox last won in 1918. The Cubs haven't been to a World Series since the last time they won one, and that was 95 years ago. No matter what team wins in that matchup, how terrific a story would that be?

Tonight was fun - regardless of the outcome of the game, I spent time watching it with some friends, and that's always fun for me. I realize that I've started out these posts rather sports-centric, but it really isn't my entire life.

I finally got my Moblog up and running tonight. I tried posting the pics last night, but for some reason my Sprint phone didn't want to cooperate with me. Finally, tonight, it did. I've got a pic of my dog, Hunter, on the couch along with some other oddities I've found while out and about. There's also a pic of my favorite beer/beer label, Shiner. Ahhh, Shiner, how I love thee....

Ooooh. Go to this site. Go now. Most of the site is good, but you shouldn't wait another minute before getting to see the Wit and Wisdom of StrongBad and his emails.

That's all I'm feelng right now. I think I hear a cold Shiner calling my name....

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